Retail Giants Disneyland and Walmart each involved with FCRA Class Action Suits 

Retail Giants Disneyland and Walmart each involved with FCRA Class Action Suits 

According to the Central District Court of California, Walmart and Disneyland are both  involved in  their own Class Action Lawsuits after running Background Checks that are not Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliant. 

According to such suits, both companies exhibit “a policy and practice of procuring investigative consumer reports or causing investigative consumer reports to be procured for applicants and employees without properly and legally obtaining authorization as it included other extraneous information other than the disclosure; and without notifying such applicants of their right to request a summary of their rights under the FCRA at the same time as the disclosure explaining that an investigative consumer report may be made.”

The plaintiff in both parties seeks to represent a nationwide Class of current, former and prospective job applicants with Walmart and Disneyland who were subject to an unauthorized background check within the past five years. In the Walmart case, Plaintiff Pitre also seeks to represent a California subclass for alleged violations of state law.
The  companies have made hundreds of adverse employment decisions based on job applicants’ background check reports without giving those applicants the proper notifications required under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA.

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