New York City Fair Chance Act Costing Employers

New York City Fair Chance Act Costing Employers

The Fair Chance Act is being debated by citizens of New York City.  These citizens want to see new laws passed that will govern the way that employers treat their employees.  Employers are advised that Fair Chance Act Violations could come with a hefty cost. They are advised to understand the Fair Chance Act and what changes have been introduced.
What is the Fair Chance Act?

Effectively, the Fair Chance Act will block employers from discriminating during the hiring process.  Applicants with criminal records cannot be denied employment for that reason alone.  Employers will not be allowed to discriminate against prospective employees based on criminal records.  This represents a significant change for those who want to secure a job in New York City.  No longer will a criminal history bar applicants from sitting for an important employment interview.

Violations of the Fair Chance Act have already been recorded in the New York City. If some will result in discrimination cases is yet to be evaluated.  Lawyers are examining the Fair Chance Act and the support it has secured.  After all it is the law in New York City now that it has been enacted.  A commission is set up to review cases where the Fair Chance Act may have been violated.  That gives prospective applicants some legal recourse if discrimination happens to occur.

There are 12 local and national businesses that may have violated the Fair Chance Act.  These cases will surprise people who have not yet heard of the law.  Many in the city want to voice their opinion regarding these laws.  There are ongoing cases in New York that will be carried out in court.  The law stands a good chance of changing hiring practices for the better.

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